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Why PMB?

It’s amazing how pushing wheelbarrows all day focuses the mind.
A week into installing mulch in Roleystone, we decided that there must be a better way…

Three years later and PMB is here: the modern alternative to a team of labourers pushing wheelbarrows.
With PMB you can focus on what really matters: Enjoying your free time or dedicating your skilled staff to skilled work.

If PMB were around 3 years ago that mulching job would have taken less than a day to complete.
As it was, the 30m3 took 6 days with three labourers.

There’s no faster way of installing sand, soil, gravel or mulch than using PMB.
And there’s no better products than the FastBlow range by PMB.


“The PMB guys get it. They worked cleanly, safely, and so quickly. We’ll definitely be giving them a call next time we need bulk materials installed” Brad P. (A proud landmark)


The FastBlow range by PMB

Our FastBlow range of mulch and soil are perfect for any application. High quality and Australian Standard (AS4454) compliant, these products are perfect for any project.

We work with the best suppliers and manufacturers in Western Australia to ensure supply of quality, screened products that exceed your expectations.

What’s special about the FastBlow range?
Our FastBlow range has been specifically selected for Fast installation. These products tick every box for quality, uniformity and water-retention, but they’re also quick to install.

How quickly can you install the FastBlow range?
In most cases, we would expect to install up to 60 cubic metres per day. If the site is close to our depot, we could even install 90 cubic metres. Including clean-up and without dumping product on your verge.


FastMulch 1: pine bark

A perennial favourite in Perth and around the world, pine bark is a high-quality, attractive option for any garden. Naturally allelopathic (weed suppressing), pine bark is a particularly excellent choice for coastal gardens as it will help neutralise limey or alkaline soil.


FastMulch 2: bushland mulch

A top-quality pasteurised mulch, Bushland Mulch is an ideal option for projects that demand a more natural finish.

prem Enviro.jpg

FastMulch 3: premium enviro-mulch

A great mulch for budget-sensitive projects, this enviro-mulch gives a beautiful, natural finish to small and large projects alike.


FastMulch 4: aquamor boutique mulch

One of the longest lasting mulches available, if your garden is only going to be mulched once every 5 years, you’re best served by choosing Aquamor Boutique.


FastMulch 5: jarrah woodchip mulch

A recent addition to the FastMulch range, Jarrah Woodchip Mulch is quick becoming a favourite. With the clean look of any woodchip, but the reddish pink colour of Jarrah, this mulch will smarten up any garden.


FastMulch 6: marri woodchip mulch

An excellent option where a hard-wood mulch is needed. Often used in streetscape environments across Perth.

2019-08-02 16.39.12.jpg

FastMulch 7: black mulch

A very popular mulch in Perth, our black mulch is a high-quality product at a budget price.

Soil by PMB

2018-12-17 14.33.56.jpg

Our GP Soil is the perfect choice for almost any application. High quality and Australian Standard (AS4419) certified, this soil is an excellent option for commercial landscapes and home gardens alike.


Soil 1: GP Soil Mix

A highly organic, light-weight soil mix, our General Purpose Soil Mix is perfect for almost any situation. Suitable for use in planters, garden beds, throughout the entire garden and under lawn.

2019-02-04 14.53.22.jpg

“Working with pmb has been great! the guys are full of useful ideas in order to get the job done in the quickest way possible. the job sites are left clean after completion and levels are always as we desire. Always look forward to utilising their services…”

jesse herbert (fpm landscapes)